Monday, July 23, 2007


Life to me is a journey of discovery, adventure & study in different creative fields!

I live & work in a creative erratica of words, images, objects!

I paint, I write, I design - involved with the world of contemporary art & architecture through it all.

I have studied & journeyed & learnt & adventured all over the world, - Bombay, Delhi, Madras, Paris, Tokyo, Sydney, Brisbane, California & learnt & loved it all - travelling has been the greatest study in my genesis!

Life has been beautiful, annoying, tragic, ecstatic, all part of the learning curve.

Every experiment in life has been a step in my journey of growth and self-discovery, a kaleidoscopic part of life that enriches the fabric of my work & existence. Without these, life would be a meaningless transition from the womb to the tomb and this often entails some mistakes, some triumphs, but that’s the enriching of the fabric of life ....

Some people whom are unacquainted with my work, inquire after me, my work, and what it is that I 'exactly' do ;

I am an aesthete, a lover of the arts and a professional interior architect who has chosen to work with all media of design & art, created and spearheaded the brand 'Nisha JamVwal Design' in Fashion as well as Interior Design, I have also modeled , compeered shows on stage & Television, and done a few vignettes in Bollywood .

I am a prolific writer - have written books on Art, Craft & Sculpture. My articles for newspapers and magazines will be posted here regularly, if you google me on 'Nisha JamVwal' & 'Nisha Jamwal' (without a V which was added later) you could view them.

I am sometimes known as a page three personna, that is not however my identity! -I work hard and Play hard , the tag is a by-product of my fast-track lifestyle and a short appearance in the movie 'Page Three'.

I have multitasked to give a shot in the arm to all the things I do, and broken the walls between all creative worlds in design, fashion, interior architecture, writing, art, and not really believed in ONE single path.

I drew and colored before I could write...... for me design , shapes, forms , have been attractive since I was three or maybe before even, I almost cannot see a space or fabric or canvas without my mind and vision clicking with ideas to enhance it to its aesthetic function in accordance with my vision. Sometimes there is an upsurge of ideas; I find it difficult to keep pace with my mind............... I fly solo and depend upon myself to make it or break it.

I sit on the board of institutions, judge at Design institutes, write columns, it is due to my work, education & a career in design and art/ determination, drive and entrepreneurship - the ability I have to dream and work toward dreams, most importantly to admire and celebrate the achievements and successes of other successful people. It's a personal preference that I am normally not too fond of the appendage 'socialite'; I think it undermines what I stand for, and my work and creative journey. I do enjoy flamboyance, panache, and unwinding but that is not my raison D’être!

Through lives every rapid or pitfall I was only

more enthused toward living the journey to its fullest. I don't lack a touch of narcissism, the love for fame and fortune, but have not used anyone else for short cuts toward achievement.

Career and work have been a priority. Yet I work with a desire to bring issues to the forefront- with the peg of glamour, to help in whatever way I can to bring about some meaningful change in our society.

The NISHA JAMVWAL fashion label has generated intense interest, created new trends and formed a following in a short span o. The brand has also, ever since its inception, lent an altruistic feel and a philanthropic fervor to fashion. The debut trend setting fashion show had women of substance in different sizes walking the ramp breaking accepted norms of ‘sexy' or 'beautiful' after which many followed suit. The label came together with Chris Cairns for the cause of providing education and opportunities for underprivileged children to create a memorable show.

Brand Nisha JamVwal spans Interiors and Lifestyle along with Fashion- couture and pret.

‘Nisha JamVwal’ that had initially made its mark in interior architecture & lifestyle diversified into fashion & had held six shows in four cities.

Some acclaimed shows were with the Chris Cairns Foundation, Nokia, Deutsche bank, The American Women’s Society had film stars and famous socialites walk the ramp in the truly
dramatic, and risqué style that Nisha JamVwal Couture is known for & sold the designer prêt label at Ogaan, Amaara, Mogra, Cypress, Samsara, Ffolio, Collage, Crossover Bollywood Se, Fuel, Zoya , Ffolio and Collage. The brand spread its wings all over the country and also made its entry into the international scenario until it was time to take it to another level.

The famous collections were entitled 'India Phoenix' ( symbolizing the triumphant nature of the human spirit that surges ahead despite the pitfalls and pain) ; 'sex with my ex'; 'page three' ; 'kissing underwater' ; 'Prowl'.